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How To Get Motivated

2008-12-22 22:53:06 by Fiziks

I have all these ideas for flash movies, but when I start animating I just lose all motivation and sense of direction. I can't seem to be motivated by anything at all. I'll put most of my creativity into the beginning and starting characters, then just lose interest when its time to make things move.

Do any other flash animators have any kind of thing that they do to keep themselves motivated and on track?

Im New Here :o

2008-11-23 21:54:47 by Fiziks

Hey Newgrounds :D

Im new here :P

ive been working with flash for a little while, and heard about this site, and its pretty cool so i signed up :3

Im mostly here to watch and learn, but maybe in the future ill submit work. Ive seen that its pretty hard to get your stuff showcased here.