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2009-08-11 15:08:44 by Fiziks


Ok, so some of you might be saying it's just an ad and everyone needs to stop bitching about it, but its not the way it looks that bothers me. Its the fact that Newgrounds is turning into a billboard website when it was perfect being the nice creative community website where people could go to meet with other artists, thinkers, and 13 year old fat, bitch titted, anime fans.

I realize Newgrounds needs some way of generating revenue other than merchandise and donations, but putting on ads like this needs to stop before it gets out of hand, and every week we have a new cheap F2P MMO advertisement up.

Ideas or thoughts on this?


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2009-08-11 16:53:32



2009-08-14 08:45:58

yeah... Well good luck convincing Tom I guess....


2009-08-16 13:58:03

You missed the good old days when the adverts were all about porn.


2009-09-01 17:42:10

Agreed newgrounds is losing it's touch, to me newgrounds has always been an underground website. I dont mind the small preloader ad's but when i have a vdieo taking up the screen and stuff it just gets obnoxious.


2009-09-04 16:21:49

Advertisements are ways to get money, its a good thing. Why you have a problem with it, IDK, also, I have been here for 6 years, you have been here for not even 2, so you have no idea what you are truly talking about in general. Having advertisements is a good thing and shows lots of progress. It shows that lots of communities are looking into the site. Your complaint makes no sense.

Fiziks responds:

Like hotshot above you said, I always knew it as more of an underground site. I'm open to new things and changes but it would be annoying for it to be like a MySpace for Flash users.


2009-10-29 09:26:04

lols at what naxster said. its true though; i guess newgrounds has improved on the whole in terms of advertising.. years ago it was all kinky pop ups and dogy links :L

But yea i agree with you, the ads should stay in their little boxes around the site, not slapped on the background taking up half the screen


2009-11-23 20:07:34

@ naxter

lol I remember that!!! I was only like, what, 10? 9?

also, I don't really mind the ads not annoying at all

Fiziks responds:

Then I guess it's just me.


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