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2009-02-28 18:46:19 by Fiziks

Tonight I'm going to Video Games Live in Oakland! It's gonna be awesome, they play music from video games old and new LIVE with an orchestra and have booths/galleries/Stands/ect. Starts at 8:00 PM tonight!

In other news about my life, I'm feeling very emotionally tired and depressed. Recently my loneliness has taken a major dive, and I now eat lunch alone, behind the gym every day. I don't see people on the weekends or at school really. I really don't know what to do, and I'm going to be a Freshman in high school next year which sounds kinda scary to me, especially since my older brother will be a Senior. If you don't already know he's a complete douche bag and never lets up on me, and the thought of him with friends against me alone, in a high school setting sounds like hell. He always rags on me for playing too much Xbox and Counter Strike Source. He keeps telling me to go get a life, make some friends, call somebody, DO something. He just doesn't get it, and never will. He even got the French exchange student we were hosting a few days ago to say "Ted has no life" in English :|

So, besides having more bad news than good news, I HAVE been doing something. I decided to join a collab via the forums called the Lazer Collab: Recharged. Its the last and final lazer collab of 3, and its scheduled to come out sometime between March 10-25th. All the parts are in, and were adding finishing touches to the menu/pre-loader/ect. Hopefully it will make the front page like the other 2 did! Other projects I'm working on include a tutorial and a movie using The Cat Empire's 'One Four Five' song.

That's all thats going on right now with me, in case anyone out is listening.



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2009-03-01 03:36:12

I'm listening.

Fiziks responds:



2009-03-07 07:20:47

man you shouldnt be ashamed of what you do day to day no matter what it is! make a life style choice and live it, im in college now and i know people that play xbox constantly and there fine with that. High school years are hard on everyone so next time your bro sez that u tell him "GO PLAY XBOX OR SOMETIN ya loser!"

Fiziks responds:

Thanks for the feedback, I'll keep everything you said in mind.

Highschool is gonna be a tough 4 years...