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2009-02-12 02:32:57 by Fiziks

Here are a few facts about my life that few to none know about me:

1. I eat lunch at school behind the gym, alone, almost every day.

2. I love Chinese food.

3. When I play Gears of War, I imagine i'm chainsawing a kid in half who used to be my one and only friend who turned on me for no reason and made my life miserable. Now he is popular.

4. I don't watch porn, but I'm straight. If I said that to most guys I know, they'd probably think I'm gay.

5. I don't like to talk, and it makes me "weird" and "socially awkward" to other kids.

6. The group of people I call my friends almost seem to ignore me when I try to talk aloud to them. I know when I'm not wanted, I'm not stupid.

7. If I could execute 3 people in this world I would know who I would execute and how.

8. I see the side of video games and the tech industry like nobody I know sees it. I look at video games like jocks look at football or baseball, It has a career in it, it takes a certain kind of person to fulfill that career, and you have to love it to be good at it.

Thats all I can think of for now, I'm sure I'll come up with moar.


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2009-02-12 03:16:31


Fiziks responds:

Y Thanx joo.


2009-02-16 02:19:21

You just described my life, except for number4.

Fiziks responds:

Yeah, well I guess as lonely as I think i am there are people just like me out there too.

I never got the whole attraction to porn, and truth is I feel kinda like an outsider for not watching it. I KNOW i'm straight... but I guess I'm just different?


2009-02-16 02:39:39

I had three friends turn on me all at once. I later found out that one ha been doing LSD and became an EMT. That's right one of the dudes that saves lives on an ambulance. I wonder what will happen when he's trying to save a life and he then starts having a flashback and kills the one he's trying to save? So screw your old "friend" he probably wasn't worth it and you'll make a new one that will benefit your life more.... At least that is what happened to me. Just letting you know now that I don't blame you when you, years later, hear he fell on hard times and you can't stop chuckling to yourself.

Fiziks responds:

Wow, sounds almost like a large-scale version of whats going on now.

Funny thing is the kid I was friends with is now a pothead and he used to tell me he wanted to be a pharmacist one day. Fucking deadbeat pharmacist that is.


2009-02-16 02:40:45

The old "Friend" that is.


2009-02-19 12:25:09

Go outside.

Fiziks responds:

I go outside every day, it still doesn't make me happy.